Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lessons from Brandi Lea

When our dog Brandi was a puppy we didn't want to lose her in the house, we didn't trust her to not pee, poop, or chew anytime, anyplace, or on anything yet. In order to contain things and keep a closer eye on her we placed a baby gate across the doorway that led to the upstairs and other guest rooms of our house.

After a few weeks of us all stepping over the gate every time we went through that doorway we started to just move it aside - and eventually we stopped putting it back.

By this time we trusted Brandi more - and yet, she had learned to never go through that doorway. Now, almost a year later and fully grown (I hope) at 87 pounds, she still never goes through that doorway. We can all go upstairs - last weekend we spent the whole day cleaning up there - and then coming and going from up there moving our son’s stuff to his new apartment. She laid on the floor at the doorway - never once offering to step over that threshold.

Sometimes I feel like Brandi. Early on in life I learned some things - things that at that point in my life may have even been good for me. Maybe in some cases they were just perceptions I had formed...but the result is that I never stepped through some doorways. And now - fully grown (my own weight will remain omitted) I still am laying on the floor - and not stepping through some doors.

Maybe its time - maybe I'm ready to not pee, poop or chew on things I shouldn't. Maybe.


abider said...

How true Ron. We achieve so little of our God given potential due to fear and uncertainty. As believers The Father tells us in 2Peter 1:3 that by His Divine power we possess everything we need for life and godliness. If we had trust and confidence in that verse, which we should have, we would never be laying around on the floor in fear of going through the next door.

kevin said...

I believe there is a lot of truth in what you said. Sometimes though its not fear that holds us back, its often that we get comfortable with things the way they are so we don't push ourselves to change and grow.


Z71 said...

"its often that we get comfortable with"

Could I agree with this anymore. I think we all get comfortable and stop trying new things. You have to really want a change to make it happen!

Daver said...

I'm not quite sure you might not still be a chewer--probably best that Susan keeps a good tight leash on you!